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name: Kathryn
nickname: Everybody calls me Katie
birthday: Feb 12th
gender: Female
sexuality: TBD lmao
height: 5’6”
time zone: EST
what time and date it is there: Sunday, September 28 3:35 pm
average hours of sleep: 3-4
otps: Emily and Chris,
first word to come to mind: goof
last thing i said to my family: “yup”
one place that makes me happy and why: Saranac Lake New York (same as Emily) because i made so many amazing friends and memories there. I got to hang out with my closest friends for a whole week straight before they left for college, and I found love there to be honest.
how many blankets i sleep under: one thick comforter
favorite beverage: Boba tea
the last movie i watched in the cinema: The purge
three things i can’t live without: Music, Track, Friends
something i plan on learning: I’m currently learning the bass
a piece of advice for your followers: Think positive
my blogs: This one, doseofperspective and a personal blog that’s not to be shared
you have to listen to this song: Every other freckle by alt j, When it rains it pours by twiddle, and To be young by tall heights

i tag: clairigan falaxy lsd-porcupine yellsloudly to-wonderland-man youngbuck753 izzygettinbusy good-things-never-last skullltulas and sleapman